Hidden Phase

A French alternative rock band with metal guitar tones. Music with an almost planing atmosphere and a clear voice that could

Hidden Phase New single - Sell Your World
Hidden Phase - Sell Your World
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Ivory Tower Project

Ivory Tower Project has received rave reviews and airplay all over the world. The group’s greatest victory is its rousing and emotive latest album

Ivory Tower Project New single - How Much More
Ivory Tower Project - How Much More
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Their music has been described as a fusion of wavy funk rock blended with reggae and hip-hop rhythms and R&B/soul vocals whilst retaining an element of powerful, heavy grooves, provided by their uniquely individual rhythm section. The members of BLɅCKƎLVIS come from very different musical backgrounds;

Blackelvis New single - Masquerade
Blackelvis - Masquerade
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Indie Butterflies Dream

All Music & Lyrics: Jackob P. Producer: Reuvn H.

Indie Butterflies Dream New single - Freedom
Indie Butterflies Dream - Freedom
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Formed in Toronto,Ontario Canada in the summer of 1992, Bedrokk began as a instrumental-rock outfit featuring members of numerous musicians in and around Toronto. Prompting a change of direction signaled by the introduction of vocalist Robbie Brennan. Who as of recent has been replaced by singer - songwriter Phil Naro. In 1995, the new-look Bedrokk debuted their first CD entitled “EVOLUTION” which led to BEDROKK as a HOT PICK with Canada’s two top radio stations, Toronto’s Q107 and Calgary’s CJAY FM.

Bedrokk New single - Not Your Lover Anymore
Not Your Lover Anymore
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